Khanisya Credit Hopeful During COVID Lockdown

Notwithstanding the challenges being faced with the Covid-19 Lockdown we have continued to prosper and now operate under Level 2 Lockdown which gives us more freedom and with fewer restrictions in place. During this time Psalm 91 has been our anchor and our shield.  Praise The Lord! We are doing well although a number of clients, especially […]

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Update on Zimbabwe micro-finance 10-30-19

A total of 142 loans has been disbursed to date, current active clients add up to 15, 7 being females and 8 males. The current average loan size was $550. $ 8 500 was disbursed in the month of October 2019. Human resources. Currently the Trust is operating with one personal as a way of cutting down […]

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Update on Zimbabwe micro-finance 9-30-19

The past disbursed loans were successfully closed.  The target to have a book of more than 30 active client, has been delayed by the continued loss of value which have resulted in the increase in the average loan size and a decrease in the number of loans disbursed. The funding gap still translate to US$250 or ZWL$1800 […]

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Peace Ministries in Malawi Africa and 4 micro-loan stories

We partner with Peace Ministries in Malawi South Africa. The program director is Crosby Phiri (picture right). He has a degree in economics and is also working as the Commissioner of Taxes with the Malawi Revenue Authority. He has also been involved with training with Farming God’s Way, which is a training program offered by […]

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Khanyisa Credit proposing to fund bakery to help feed children

Rob recently visited One Life Child SA Mission station in the rural area of Lusikisiki, Transkei, approx. 700 kms east of Port Elizabeth, where the mission station feeds approx. 300 children daily.  A proposal was set to raise approx. R 30,000 (estimated US $2500) to finance a small bakery, which will make the mission station self-supporting, by providing bread etc. to feed […]

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Loans helping stimulate business in South Africa

In Port Elizabeth we have entered winter with temperatures plummeting, but our greatest concern is that our water supply is below 30% of capacity, resulting in water restrictions being rigorously applied. The SA economy is struggling which is fueled by the politics of the land, which in turn has impacted negatively on the GDP. Unemployment is also a major negative factor and […]

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Update on South Africa and Khanyisa Credit

Sipho Zomba is a Pastor and farmer in the Alexandria district who Khanyisa Credit has supported for a number of years.  The drought throughout the Eastern Cape and Alexandria has been severe and this in turn has affected the harvesting of Sipho’s crops. He is in the process of reaping his Sweet Potato crop which he plans to sell to the local population. The Khanyisa […]

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Siyabulela Performs Hip Hop as Evangelism Tool

Siyabulela is a local hip hop musician who writes and performs songs that contain the gospel as a way of evangelism. He has been doing this for a number of years. He recently finished recording his album but needed to financial assistance to print his music discs in order to physically sell them. He applied […]

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Nandipha and Nomandla open Skills Training Business

    Nandipha and Nomandla are two close friends who have decided to use the experience and qualifications they have to open a business where they provide skills training to targeted companies and organizations. They visit companies and offer to provide any selected employees with skills training in areas such as: Customer Care, Business Communication […]

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