Countries We Serve

South Africa

O4H began working in South Africa this summer with the help of the Sieberhagen family.  The goal is to reach into the poorest communities to help ones improve their personal and family situations.  We will be pursuing both individual and group loans to broaden our impact and reach.  Through this families may experience the love of Christ for the first time.  This is our biggest program to date.  We are currently partnering with Africa for Christ and Khanyisa Credit who run the day to day operations of the program.

South Africa – Active Program
Dollars Donated: $90,380
Dollars Loaned:
Total Loans Made:
Families Impacted:
Gospel Presented:


We partner with Peace Ministries in Malawi South Africa. The program director is Crosby Phiri. He has a degree in economics and is also working as the Commissioner of Taxes with the Malawi Revenue Authority. He has also been involved with training with Farming God’s Way, which is a training program offered by our South Africa Team. This program is just getting off the ground and we have very little other detail to date.

Malawi South Africa – Pilot
Dollars Donated: $2,500
Dollars Loaned: $1,656 ($138 average)
Total Loans Made: 51 applications – 12 loans made
Families Impacted:
Gospel Presented:


We partner with Chamuel Hope of Fund Trust in Zimbabwe. They are working in high density suburbs in the area of Harare making loans to small entrepreneurs. Current clients include: fruit and vegetable vendors, small retailers, peanut butter producers, flea market cloth sales and carpenters. The Trust has 2 employees and they have gained a good reputation with with small book of loans that they have made so far. They have begun sharing the Word of God their clients and training them on financial literacy, including: record keeping and cashflow management.   Inflation in Zimbabwe is extremely high. In recent months costs have doubled. This life-changing for these small entrepreneurs who otherwise don’t qualify for bank financing.

Zimbabwe South Africa – Pilot
Dollars Donated: $4,000
Dollars Loaned: 102
Total Loans Made: $3,650
Families Impacted: 21
Gospel Presented:


Our first program in Choluteca Honduras started in 2008 in an effort to assist the poorest of the poor in Choluteca which had sustained incredible damage earlier from Hurricane Mitch.  Since it’s inception, the program has provided over 800 micro enterprise loans to recipients and continues to have amazing results in transforming lives.

This program is currently fully funded and self-sustaining in that the interest revenues generated pay for the overhead costs of the program.

This program is administered in partnership with the Foundation Gran Commission.

For additional details and stories, see the stories section of our web site.

Honduras – This program is now closed

Dollars Donated: $42,300
Dollars Loaned: $157,000
Total Loans Made: 494
Families Impacted: 305
Gospel Presented: 1,002


Be prepared when you ask God to expand your world and open new doors!

Andahuayas is where O4H has been led to invest in lives of children and adults that have been forgotten.  Even though Andahuayas is at an altitude of 10,000 feet in the Andes Mountains, and an hour and half ride by turbo-prop, God has prepared and provided in advance.

In the past, these peoples have suffered attacks by rebels who killed most of the men and boys.  But their remote location has caused the central government in Lima to mostly ignore their plight. Previous help organizations pulled out many years ago.  But Michael Monks of O4H struck out to find what God had prepared.  Michael first found Jami, who is running a school for children who come into the city from the surrounding mountains, their parent’s status unknown.  A former micro-loan administrator for another concern, Jami has been praying for organization to return to help the people.  While his school has been very successful, he knows there is more to be done for the community.

God’s other provision is Giannina of Minneapolis, MN.  Born in Peru, and a successful business woman in the United States, Michael met her in Lima on the way back from Andahuayas.  Giannina is looking to help her birth country by relocating back to Peru and help its residents by utilizing her skills and experience running non-profit companies.  O4H has partnered with Gannina and Jami to provide the core administration for a micro loan program in Andahuayas.  The first few loans have been successful and have been used reach out to Quechua families, primarily women who live in the Andes Mountains.  Loans are typically to assist small groups of women to plant potatoes, alfalfa, or purchase and raise guinea pigs (Cuy) which are raised for food.  If you would like to assist with funding our Peru outreach, please visit our donations page.

Peru – This program is now closed
Dollars Donated: $7,000
Dollars Loaned: $27,300
Total Group Loans Made: 18
Families Impacted: 112
Gospel Presented: 357

Sri Lanka 

O4H began a program in 2012 in the war-torn region of North-West Sri Lanka.  The economy has been literally destroyed by years of war and is beginning to heal since peace was restored a few years ago.  Because of the primitive economic system and the desperate need, the program is projected to work with loans for as little as $50.  O4H is partnering with Lanka Bible College to test this program and will decide this year whether it is feasible to expand and move forward.

To date, funding for the launch of this new pilot program has been provided by our board members.

Sri Lanka – This program is now closed 
Dollars Donated: $2,000
Dollars Loaned: $3,200
Total Loans Made: 11
Families Impacted: 11
Gospel Presented: 15

Azerbaijan – This program is now closed
Dollars Donated: $4,000
Dollars Loaned: $5,100
Total Loans Made: 27
Families Impacted: 21
Gospel Presented: 63