1. What do we do?

The Opportunity for Hope Foundation endeavors to address spiritual and material needs, in an ever increasing way, for people in underprivileged areas of the world using economic development tools.  The Foundation will use an incremental approach to strive and obey the commandments of Jesus Christ to influence people for His glory and their good.

2. How do we do it?

The plan of attack includes:
a. Micro lending at the individual and family level (micro-loans).
b. Lending at the small business level (micro–enterprise loans).
c. Conducting or facilitating business-related educational and vocational programs.
d. Serving as a catalyst to encourage targeted peoples to develop significant joint business ventures with a US-based enterprise.

3. Where do we do our work?

We presently work in Honduras, Peru, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. We intend to move to other countries as the Lord leads us and we find the appropriate Field Partners.

4. How does the money flow?

O4H Foundation is a not for profit fund raising organization. Donor checks can be made out to Opportunity for Hope and are tax deductible. O4H then will use the money for the following:

a. Send to a Field Partner to use in a previously approved O4H project:
The Field Partners are organizations for whom O4H has done due diligence and believes will accomplish O4H Vision & Mission. There is a formal Funding Agreement in place that stipulates O4H expectations and O4H representatives periodically check on progress and commitment to the original intent of the project.

b. O4H administrative expenses:
O4H is run by volunteers. There is no paid staff. Limited expenses are incurred primarily to confirm that field partners are fulfilling O4H Mission & Vision. There are also limited expenses to ensure proper financial reporting and fulfill non-profit regulatory requirements.

c. Fundraising:
While O4H raises funds primarily through word of mouth and does not use professional fundraisers, some expenditure is made for the production of collateral material and website updates in order to inform potential donors.

Important note on O4H projects – Sustainability:
O4H endeavors to find Field partners that understand the concept of sustainability when it invests in a micro loan or micro enterprise loan project. (I.e. The project needs to demonstrate the ability to fund itself, or charge its beneficiaries enough in fees to cover operating expenses, for indefinite life.) This allows the donors gift to benefit a recipient many times over as it is lent and repaid and lent again. This usually is not achieved immediately, but it is the goal of each project within a reasonable period of time.

5. Financial Transparency

O4H will provide current donors with quarterly reports on the progress on individual projects in a summary form. Quarterly financial statements and tax returns will be available on our website.  See tax return here

6. Examples of O4H in action

The stories speak for themselves. They display the power of targeted, well planned lending to change lives. God is subsequently glorified as his people prosper and praise him. If the projects reach sustainability they can impact a community for many years to come.

7. Do I get my money back after O4H gets paid back?

Your contribution is a charitable gift, not a loan to O4H. O4H commits the vast majority of the contributions it receives to Field Partners that use the money in their particular economic development project. Any return on the money the Field Partner receives is re-invested in the project to maintain sustainability.

8. What assurances do I have that the money will go where it is intended to go?

O4H carefully selects trusted Field Partners. At this time we are working with a Field partner we have worked with in other ministry areas for 7 years. Our next possible Field Partners are people O4H board members have known for many years. The O4H board is beginning its due diligence on those possibilities now.  You are able access updated information on each project with a sampling of stories on the O4H website.  Opportunities are available to accompany O4H board members on short term mission trips to as they review the projects.

9. How can I give?

Click on the link and use the secure Paypal “donate” button on the next page: http://opportunityforhope.org/donate

or mail checks to:
Opportunity for Hope
PO Box 2265
Westerville, OH 43086-2265