Zoleka Portia MnqebaZoleka is a middle aged Christian lady who had a desire to begin a restaurant in the hometown of Walmer township (Port Elizabeth, South Africa). She has experience in this field of work and decided to start her own business as she saw a need in her area. Our experience with her has been one of eZoleka equipmentndurance and perseverance, as she was very inexperienced in the administration part of business. She is a very humble lady who is willing to learn. We took a lot of time doing her application and training her in business, and we can say that it was so amazing to see her being very patient throughout the process for she never once panicked or fret. Her journey has been very inspiring as we observed her starting from scratch and working very hard to get her business going. Her faith in the Lord is one that is very remarkable as it was displayed in her patience and humility. Zoleka has used the loan money to purchase the stock and equipment to start her business. She even renovated her business places by painting, refurnishing etc. and all of this she did prior to receiving the loan. And we are very excited to walk with her every step of the way as the Lord guides her in the day-to-day workings of her business.Zoleka Cooking